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Recently, one of our top experts, a female professor in genomics, traveled from London to Melbourne and Sydney to deliver keynote speeches on the power of genomics and how it will transform healthcare and society over the next 5 to 10 years, in terms of how we can detect, manage and prevent diseases. Her expertise...

Genomics and why it has the potential to transform the future of medicine 

Cannabis. A highly controversial product trying to break out of its taboo and become a large-scale consumer good. This year might imply a turn-around. On account of several countries passing or having passed initiatives to legalize the production of marijuana...

The Cannabis Craze: how green is the industry?

Perceptions and predictions about consumer behaviour are constantly popular subjects of debate. Only last year we saw consumer discretionary stocks nipping at technology’s heels. More recently tech stocks...

Consumer Stocks vs. Technology StockS: What's your pick?

With Chinese New Year around the corner, we would like to nurture you with some food for thought to kick off the Year of the Pig. There have been recent developments in the GPU market and therefore we connected one of our investment banking clients with...

An Expert Insight in the Global GPU Investment Landscape